When Imperative acquired the PFC brand three years ago, it was really a no-brainer for us.

For more than 20 years, Imperative has helped risk-averse employers make well-informed hiring decisions by delivering premium background checks with fast and friendly service.

Many of the clients we’ve served the longest are high-wealth families, their family offices, and their privately-held companies.

And PFC was already the preferred background screening partner for the best nanny agencies in the country.

So when PFC’s founder, Lynn Peterson, decided it was time to retire, several background screening industry insiders told her to call me.

The fact is that background checks on nannies and other caregivers is high-risk business.

The impact of cutting corners in most background checks has the potential of dire consequences—but even more so for nanny agencies and families.

And most screening companies don’t want that risk.

They know they quietly place limitations on what they report to employers—even when there is no legal reason to do so.

They know that their reliance on criminal record databases mean that a lot of criminal records are missed.

They know that nanny agencies, domestic staffing firms, and families can be demanding when it comes to service.

Those other screening companies don’t see Imperative as competition—they generally don’t want our customers. They want routine, low-risk background checks where average quality and average customer service are acceptable as long as the price is low.

So they were kind enough to refer Lynn to us. And it was a match made in Heaven.

I will say that I had to spend a good bit of time selling Lynn that we would continue her commitment to quality and service.

When my VP of Operations and I went to see her in Oakland the first time, I thought we were there to conduct due diligence on her firm—after all, we were the prospective buyers.

Little did I know that she had other plans!

From customer service to research processes, Lynn put Imperative under a microscope.

It was rigorous but worth it.

When it was over, we knew we were on the same page.

Since we assumed the PFC brand for our caregiver and household employment background checks, we’ve served hundreds of families and some of the best nanny agencies in the country with premium background checks and fast and friendly service.

The anniversary of our acquisition of PFC seems an appropriate time to roll out a new logo for the brand.

For me, the new logo is an excellent reminder of the important role we play in protecting families’ safety and well-being.

I’m certain that the nanny agencies who work with us are as equally committed to protecting the loved ones of the families they serve, which is why they make the additional investment of using the highest-quality background screening company in the country.

Finally, thank you to our PFC clients—especially our nanny agency clients.

You’ve been gracious in welcoming us into the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies, the International Nanny Association, and the US Nanny Association.

You’ve been, shall we say, generous in your feedback and suggestions on how we can best serve you.

And you’ve been inspiring in how you’ve pivoted to serve your families over the past year.

I’m looking forward to partnering with each of you in providing the very best caregivers to those you serve for years to come.

Mike Coffey, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

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