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For years we have relied on PFC for due diligence research.  PFC is timely, capable, and provides a good value.  They are an essential input to our decision process.
Frank P. Kavanaugh, Managing Director—Fort Ashford Holdings, LLC

I have used PFC Information Services’ background research during jury selection in high stakes cases and the research proved invaluable to my evaluation of jurors.  PFC has uncovered important information about potential jurors that we would never have learned without their team’s crackerjack research skills and that was critical to our decision to strike a juror.  The folks at PFC are a pleasure to work with, meeting tight deadlines and staying on budget.
Carol L. Bauss, J.D. — Senior Litigation Consultant NJP Litigation Consulting/West

PFC is my go to firm for finding information on a jury pool. In many trials, the information PFC unearthed was critical to jury selection strategy, leading to wins.  PFC provides prompt, accurate, vetted information and they are a pleasure to work with.
Carrie Mason–Senior Consultant–JuryScope, Inc.

PFC’s research team’s ability to meet my needs and  locate information about potential jurors has proven pivotal to my ability to advise my clients about jury selection decisions — which jurors to keep, and who to challenge.  Their quick mining of information from numerous data sources has contributed to my clients’ success at trial. I would use PFC in every trial if I could!
Judy H. Rothschild, Ph.D. — Director, Senior Consultant at JHRothschild Consulting

I have had the privilege of working with PFC for two decades; in fact, if any project involves public records research, the first thing I do is call them. We have worked on due diligence projects, jury research, even a murder case! PFC is completely committed to their clients and I always admire their research instincts.
Mary Ellen Bates, M.L.S – President, Bates Information Services, Inc.

PFC Information Services provides public records support backed by years of experience and expertise. Unlike background check websites that merely churn out computerized data, PFC will vet and talk with you to formulate the most appropriate search strategy. It’s like having your own private investigator.
Elaine, director at a NYC research firm