Curated Social Media and Web Search

Melissa McKibben

Curated Social Media and Web Search

An individual’s personal conduct can be both revelatory and relevant when evaluating whether to involve them in your business as an employee, strategic partner, or service provider.

And, because much of our lives are spent on the internet, review of an individual’s online presence may provide insight into how they may behave in your context.

For instance, an individual’s strong stance in favor of or in opposition to the animal rights movement may be relevant when considering the individual as an expert witness in a lawsuit concerning a poultry farm.

Or an individual’s coercive or bigoted online behavior may be relevant if they are being considered for a position in which they will deal with a diverse population.

In any context, it is important that the information obtained be accurate and relevant to the role they will play in your business.

In the employment context, it is especially important that the information provided not unnecessarily disclose the individual’s age, race, sex, religion, or other characteristics protected by Title VII or other laws.

Imperative’s Curated Social Media and Web Search offers an insightful, ethical, and legally compliant way to review relevant information about an individual’s online presence.

Our process begins with sophisticated automated searches for specific keywords and phrases across social media and web platforms. We typically focus on identifying key behavior-related items such as:

• Cannabis use
• Crime
• Harassment
• Intolerance
• Other Drugs
• Sexual content
• Threats
• Violence
• Positive community behaviors (e.g., volunteering, charitable contributions)

We can also create custom search items to meet our clients’ specific requirements.

These initial findings are then meticulously reviewed by our team of trained analysts, who review each item found to verify the context and accuracy of the information, ensuring that only potentially-relevant information is reported.

For instance, the automated search may flag a social media post exclaiming “I’m killing it today!” as threatening or violent conduct. We remove such posts from our delivered reports.

Importantly, our process respects privacy and compliance:

• We only use public-facing information.
• We do not request passwords or special access to accounts.
• We avoid unnecessarily providing protected class information.
• Employment candidates provide their social media handles and consent.

While not exhaustive, our search is designed to provide a representative sample of potentially-relevant information. In many cases, no items of interest are found, underscoring the selectivity and precision of our approach.

Imperative ensures that clients receive important insights without crossing ethical lines or infringing on privacy. We support your well-informed decisions with accurate, non-biased information.

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