welcome families of nula!

Welcome families of nula!

Too often, families and agencies discover the value of a thorough background investigations only after something has gone wrong.

A caregiver proves to be unreliable, something of value is missing from a home, or, worse yet, a child or other family member is injured.

PFC’s goal is to ensure that our clients make well-informed and safe hiring decisions. We do this by ensuring that the background investigations we deliver to clients are never compromised by sloppy research methods or shortcuts. We conduct thorough research so that you can sleep well at night.

Our state-of-the-art technology ensures that you can quickly, easily, and securely order background investigations.

But, we also know that when dealing with a topic as sensitive as hiring a caregiver, the human touch is critical. Our team of professional background investigations analysts are always just a phone call away, ready to answer your questions.


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Criminal Background Investigations

The best way to understand your applicants’ criminal history is to ask them.

However, because applicants are not always forthcoming with honest and complete answers about past bad behavior, it is critical for employers to run a criminal background check to verify applicants’ claims.

PFC offers a number of criminal background investigation packages to meet every employer’s risk-tolerance and budget concerns.

Our most common criminal background investigation packages are outlined below, but we are always glad to help you design a program that meets your specific needs.

(Remember that nula families get 10% off the listed fee)








Thoroughness Best Practice 96% 76%
Advanced Identity Research
Multi-jurisdictional Criminal Records Database Search  
County-level Misdemeanor and Felony Criminal Records Searches        ✔ ** 
State-level Criminal Records Searches
Federal District Criminal Records Searches
USDOJ National Sex Offender Public Website Search * *
National Wants and Warrants Search

*Many, but not all, sex offender registrations are included in the multi-jurisdictional criminal records database.
**County research conducted in county of current residence only.

Qualifications Background Investigations

Many candidates inflate their qualifications to be more appealing to prospective employers. In fact, more applicants lie about their education and employment experience than lie about their criminal history.

Verifying their claims are also integral to establishing applicants’ honesty and integrity. If they lie to you walking in the door as an applicant, can you be surprised if their behavior doesn’t change as an employee?

PFC offers a variety of services to verify your candidate’s qualifications. Following are our most commonly requested options, but we are glad to help you custom design a qualifications investigation to meet your needs.








History Only


State Driving history
Protective/Restraining Order Searches
Federal Bankruptcy Search
Employment Verification
Education Verification
Professional License Verification
County-level Civil Litigation
Federal District Civil Litigation

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