Family Testimonials

We thought we had an almost-perfect nanny.  She had worked in San Francisco’s most exclusive homes over the past 8 years.  We thought the nanny was thoroughly background checked, until PFC got involved and found that this nanny had been hiding deep dark secrets that everyone else missed.  Not only had this nanny served almost 3yrs. in federal prison for producing illegal drugs, but her social security number belonged to 2 other people, her driver’s license had been suspended 8 of the past 13 years, and there’s an existing federal warrant out for her arrest.  All we can say now is “Thank You” to PFC! Two Relieved San Francisco Parents
We hired PFC to conduct a background check on a nanny we were considering hiring.  PFC found out that she had been convicted of felony grand theft and had spent several months in jail.  We feel as if we dodged a bullet, thanks to PFC. A Los Angeles Mom

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