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APNAAs a veteran nanny agency owner, and president of the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies, I know firsthand the importance of quality background checks. I have trusted PFC to provide this service for my business for more than two decades. As you might imagine, when referring a nanny to care for children in a home setting, there is nothing more important than timely and thorough background check reports. As a client of PFC Information Services, I can rest assured knowing that I am receiving accurate information from a company that operates under the highest ethical standards. Daryl Camarillo – President of the Alliance of Premier Nanny Agencies and Co-Owner of Stanford Park Nannies, LLC
INAI have used PFC to run my nanny agency’s background checks, since our inception 17 years ago. I highly recommend PFC to anyone looking for accurate background information on prospective employees. Not only have they provided us with thorough, accurate research over the 17 years of our association, but they are professional, knowledgeable and always available to answer questions. Honestly, I am approached by background investigative services all the time, but I have never considered ending my affiliation with PFC. I have heard stories from other agency owners who have had some bad experiences with the companies they work with. I always suggest they consider working with PFC. Nothing is more valuable than peace of mind in my business, which is what PFC provides. Susan Tokayer, Co-President of the International Nanny Association and President of Family Helpers, Inc.
APNAOur company has been utilizing PFC Information Services for background checks since the early 1990’s. Their background checks are extremely thorough and accurate. Whenever we have a question we are able to call PFC and speak to a knowledgeable person who is able to provide a clear and concise answer. We trust PFC to provide the very best background checks for our client families. I highly recommend them. Annie Davis – Former President of the Alliance of Premier Nanny Agencies and CEO Annie’s Nannies, Inc.

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