Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

PFC’s goal is to ensure that you make a safe, well-informed decision when hiring a caregiver.

We do this by delivering thorough background investigations conducted by licensed private investigators.

Our state-of-the-art technology makes ordering easy, secure, and legally compliant.

If you will be ordering background checks more regularly, please follow this link to learn how you can become a PFC client.

Criminal Background Investigations

PFC offers a number of criminal background investigation packages to meet every family’s risk-tolerance and budget concerns.

Every report combines our hands-on research with our fast and friendly service.

  Critical Diligent Basic-Plus
Thoroughness Best Practice 96% 76%
Advanced Identity Research
Multi-jurisdictional Criminal Records Database Search        ✔ ** 
County-level Misdemeanor and Felony Criminal Records Searches  
State-level Criminal Records Searches    
Federal District Criminal Records Searches    
USDOJ National Sex Offender Public Website Search * *
National Wants and Warrants Search    
  $300 $165 $90

*Many, but not all, sex offender registrations are included in the multi-jurisdictional criminal records database.
**County research conducted in county of current residence only.

Qualifications Background Investigations

Many candidates inflate their qualifications to be more appealing to prospective employers. In fact, more applicants lie about their education and employment experience than lie about their criminal history.

Verifying their claims are also integral to establishing applicants’ honesty and integrity.

If they lie to you walking in the door as an applicant, can you be surprised if their behavior doesn’t change as an employee?


Research: Premier Advanced Basic Driving
History Only
State Driving history
Protective/Restraining Order Searches  
Federal Bankruptcy Search  
Employment Verification    
Education Verification    
Professional License Verification    
County-level Civil Litigation      
Federal District Civil Litigation      
  $375 $185 $95 $45

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